Whoa whoa whoa.. hold your horses!

Here’s what’s goin’ down…

We’ve dominated the script-space for some time and it was a real pain.

So we’re about to release our own Machine Learning Charting Application.

There’s NOTHING else on the market like this.

So bookmark the site and check back in 60 days… definitely less than 90.

What’s going to be in the charting application?

All the assets.. WS V3, the visuals, volume profile, and the new flagging system. Then, we’ll release all our premium indicators there too.

It’s not gonna be cheap… but it’ll be worth it.

The all new flagging system works kind of like signals but not really.

First, we don’t handle your money at all. That keeps us out of trouble.

Second, there’s no need for a thousand different bot and brokerage connections. When a flag goes off, you can spin up your bots yourself.

Piece of cake.

Third, the flagging system consolidates “signals” and also yields a sentiment briefing. This translates into higher returns and more intel.

Numero 4, the base software comes with probably 4 tiers.. free (basically nothing), $45pm (WS visuals & Volume Profile w/ POC + Basic Indicator Pack), $290pm (Adds the flagging system to the above. Tells when, where, and how much to buy. Helps groom markets [Adding coordinated sells would weaponize the software so we don’t want to do that: Codename Pegasus N9ne]), $12k per year (Adds V5 flagging system for optimum gains + Advanced Machine Learning Indicator Pack).

The fifth and the final thing is all my indicators. This is what I do. So the indicators you find in this software will be beyond PREMIUM. Many of them will have machine learning baked right into the code, and they’ll be tagged with a pretty orange ML.

The IndicatorSavvy charting platform is the wave of the future. Better than Bloomberg, better than fundamentals, better than TastyTrade & Thinkorsink, better than MetaTrade, better than SpiderTrade & TradeSanta and all that junk. Imagine a gorgeous, light, futuristic software that greets you so refreshingly lightspeed-fast you’d think it was already open.

Black, opaque, fu-tur-istic! I can’t wait